Places to Visit in the Maldives 2022-23 at Lowest Cost

1. Male city :
The capital of the Maldives is a natural paradise consisting of scenic parks, heritage museums, splendid art galleries, and an Artificial Beach where you can enjoy water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, and wakeboarding. For shopping, Majadhee and Chandanee Magu have souvenirs and imported goods. It also houses the Old Friday Mosque, known for its splendid architecture.

2. Como cocoa Island:
Como Cocoa Island is known for its palatial mansion where they offer you superb hospitality. Como Cocoa Island offers captivating sites of the ocean and beautiful white sands. Other attractions include scuba diving, snorkeling, a hydrotherapy pool, a pilates studio, a yoga pavilion, a well-equipped gym.

3. Vaadhoo Island :
Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll offers a sandy seashore to relax on and views of delightful landscapes. Experience the spectacular “Sea of Stars” as the beach glows with magical blue like tiny neon dots and shore lights up like a shimmering field of blue dots due to a chemical reaction called “ bioluminescence”.

4. Addu Atoll :
Addu Atoll is a city in the Maldives, the second-largest area in the Maldives. Addu City is the main hub of the heart-shaped atoll and the park features lakes, mangroves, and scenic cycling routes through the lush vegetation of the wetlands.

7. Artificial Beach :
Artificial Beach is a heavenly place where people can enjoy breathtaking views. You can also call it a swimming spot as the water is not as deep as in natural beaches. You can also enjoy some fun-filled activities along with many carnivals, live music concerts, parades, etc.

9. Fulhadhoo Island:
This island is a perfect spot for a family trip as one of its lagoons forms tiny natural pool nearshore. You can also enjoy some activities including diving, snorkeling, and turtle and dolphin spotting.

10. The Muraka – Conrad:
The Muraka is the world’s very first underwater hotel. The Muraka is a luxurious 2-level undersea villa submerged 16 feet below. The bedroom consists of a 180 degree curved acrylic glass dome that allows a view of marine life from inside. Film yourself and capture some beautiful moments while diving or snorkeling, a film crew will help you out with this. Other things to enjoy include an infinity pool, professional spa treatments, an on-call fitness trainer, and water activities such as jet-skiing, etc.

11. Sun Island:
Spend the day relaxing at the natural beach on an island situated in Nalaguraidhoo Island. People of all ages can enjoy themselves here. Amenities on the beach include an outdoor tennis court, a fitness center, and water activities include snorkeling, windsurfing, diving, etc.

12. Banana Reef :
Experience the captivating sites of the ocean and marine life, and golden white sandbank, in one of the most populous dive sites, Banana Reef. The deep-sea diving at Banana Reef begins from five meters and goes as deep as thirty meters underwater. It is a perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts as visitors can enjoy scuba diving.

13. Mamigili :
Also known as ‘Whale Shark Island’ it is also the perfect choice for a budget-friendly experience. Mamigili whale shark point is renowned as the second-best spot in Asia to dive with this amazing big fish.

14. Maldives Glowing Beach :
The glowing beach, known for its acclaimed sea of stars. Explore the beautiful marine life from close while enjoying scuba diving and snorkeling.

15. Alimatha Island :
Alimatha Island is a beautiful island surrounded by lush greenery and has golden-white sand, captivating sights of the ocean, etc. You can enjoy a wide range of entertainment activities along with some music concerts, animation shows, some bars, Ayurvedic massage.
Many physical activities can be performed from scuba diving to various other sports. Also, many divers visit here to explore the beautiful marine life.

16. Fihalhohi Island :
Fihalhohi Island Resort is surrounded by lush greenery. Experience beautiful marine life, capture the fantastic view of the ocean and white sandy beaches, etc. The restaurant serves different dishes including Maldivian and international cuisines. It is a perfect spot for enjoying water activities like jet skiing, banana boat rides, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

18. Baros Island :
One of the best places to visit in the Maldives, Baros Island offers you a peaceful environment. Baros Island is also a dreamland for experiencing scuba diving and snorkeling. Amenities in the resort include an infinity swimming pool, a gym, a spa, a dive center, and an on-site marine center.

19. Mirihi Island:
Mirihi Island is the first and the smallest of all Islands in the Maldives that has overwater bungalows with free WiFi in the rooms. This place provides a peaceful environment. Activities to do here include visiting beach cinema to a spa, enjoying water sports activities to tons of events, a small gym, yoga pavilion and dive center, etc, other than resting on the beachside.

21. Rangali Island :
Rangali Island has a spectacular blue-green color ocean and white sandy beaches. The place offers fun outdoor activities for kids and adults including dolphin spotting, swimming, and fishing.

22. Veligandu Island Beach :
Veligandu Island Beach is a heaven-like island, one of the most serene places to visit in the Maldives that offers its visitors a wonderful holiday to enjoy the greenery and surreal view of the ocean. The Veligandu Island also offers the opportunity to experience some of the activities including snorkeling and scuba diving, etc.

24. Dhangethi:
Dhangethi is a tiny island filled with narrow streets and unique brightly painted houses, creating a serene atmosphere. Some of the activities to enjoy here includes kitesurfing, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, and fishing, excellent non-stop food, etc. Dhangethi is home to gentle whale sharks and many other marine creatures along with divers. It is a better spot for a budget-friendly trip to the Maldives.

25. Naifaru :
Naifaru island, capital of Lhaviyani Atoll, contains around 120 shops including nourishment item stores, building material stores, electronic shops, car showrooms, handyman shops, and fashion boutiques. Some of the activities to enjoy here are snorkeling and diving, etc.

26. Thoddoo:
Thoddoo is an oval-shaped Island and is known for its large production of watermelons. The place is famous for its flawless beauty and peaceful environment. Enjoy strolling through the narrow streets and markets, and do not forget to try delicious seafood. It is a perfect spot for people of all ages.

27. Kanuhura Island :
Kanuhura Island offers a luxurious villa with the opportunity to enjoy water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and beach volleyball, some yoga sessions including rhythmic yoga, ashtanga yoga, and sunset yoga. Also if you are left with time must visit the orchid gardens and explore the local fishermen’s villages to know about the culture or traditions of the Kanuhura.

28. Male Local Market :
Male Local Market is one of the most preferred places for shopping in the Maldives. Known as one of the most popular street markets in the Maldives the must-buy things from here include mementos, local handicrafts, gift items. Other things to pick up include sweetmeat, palm sleepers, seashell home decor, local pickles, miniature boats, and lacquerware. Must try the fresh and sweet-smelling coconut milk on the visit to this market.

30. Le Cute:
One of the most preferred places to visit in the Maldives, Le Cute provides the best shopping experience as it offers a wide variety of elegant beauty and healthcare products. The store also contains other products including cosmetics products, herbal products, perfumes, and much more.

31. STO Trade Centre :
It is a supermarket in the Maldives where everything is easily available of Maldives. The STO Trade Centre in the Maldives makes for a one-stop shopping destination that lets you shop the most recommended products right from vegetables to souvenirs, electronic gadgets, handicrafts, local mementos.

32. Island Bazaar :
Island Bazaar offers everything from local handmade items to top-rated things like bags and cushions to fridge magnets and ornaments, scarves, jewelry, vases, miniature boats, and portraits. Other than trendy fashion products, you can also help promote the handicrafts of skilled artisans.

33. Seagull Cafe :
One of the most reputed outlets in the Maldives, Seagull Cafe is a beautiful restaurant that features two dining spaces. The menu includes a wide range of dishes in Indian and Maldivian cuisines from burgers and grills to 30 different flavored ice creams in the desert. Some of the dishes you must try at Seagull Cafe include Orange and Herb Glazed Roast Turkey Breast, Snapper Steak, and Burgers.

34. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant :
It is one of the Maldives ‘ beautiful places so make your reservations in advance as it only seats 14 people, at a time. This restaurant serves as the most dreamy place for everyone who visits here and they also arrange private events and parties for their guests when demanded. The food items available here are a blend of Maldivian and International cuisine, with dishes such as Agnolotti of duck, Yellowfin tuna, Angus beef, Honey roasted pumpkin cheesecake.

35. Subsix :
It is the first-ever underwater nightclub in the Maldives to enjoy the nightlife of this gorgeous island. Take a close look at the sea animals and enjoy the view from the oval windows of the club. The menu offers some great food and drinks.

36. SEA :
SEA is a picturesque underwater restaurant at Antara Kihavah Villas in the Maldives. The interior mirror reflects the surrounding Indian Ocean sea life while you dine. Their menu includes fine wines to dishes of different cuisines. Enjoy some activities like dance and dart, while dining.

38. Minus Six Meters :
Minus Six Meters is located at 6 meters under the Indian Ocean. You can enjoy a stunning 180 degree underwater view here. The attractions of this place are the alluring views of the shells, turtles, and different fishes. Try the seafood cuisine, and their special Champagne breakfast.

40. Dhigurah :
Located in South Ari Atoll, Dhigurah is an amazing island with a long wild beach line on both sides and it offers the best blend of entertainment and comfort. Visitors like to enjoy some activities including dolphin spotting, fishing, and sandbank picnicking. Here, White Sharks are year-round residents.

42. Ukulhas :
Well known for its cleanliness, Ukulhas is being referred to as an eco-friendly island. Ukulhas organizes several awareness programs on planting, waste management, marine ecosystem, biodiversity, etc. Ukulhas had received a Green Leaf award in 2014 for its outstanding services in protecting and preserving the island’s environment.

43. Meedhoo :
Meedhoo Island is a less populated Island and one of the cheapest places to visit in the Maldives. Some of the places of tourist attractions of Maldives include the Old Friday Mosque.

45. Hanifaru Bay:
Hanifaru Bay is a long and narrow bay that offers an exciting underwater experience. Enjoy beautiful marine life, white sandy beaches, dolphins in Hanifaru Bay. Some activities to enjoy here includes scuba diving, night snorkeling, and underwater photography.

49. Tsunami Monument :
Tsunami Monument was dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the 2004-tsunami. The monument is popular for its unique structure and history. The monument depicts different events of the 2004 Tsunami in the Maldives, destroyed or lost properties, and the names of the sufferers.

50. National Museum :
Established on the National Day of Maldives, the National Museum of Maldives is located at Sultan Park. The museum has an extensive collection of antiques including coins, royal antiques, etc, that represent the records and cultural history of the Maldives.

51. Whale Submarine :
For adventure enthusiasts, the Whale submarine is the perfect spot. In this, you have to dive 120 feet below the water surface in an equipped submarine that drives you undersea.

53. China Maldives Friendship Bridge :
The China Maldives Friendship bridge is the first and the longest cross-sea bridge that connects Male city to Hulhule Island to build up the bond between China and Maldives. It is also known by the name Sinamale Bridge.